Sachein Movie In Tamil Dubbed Download

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Sachein Movie In Tamil Dubbed Download

from admin on 09/20/2018 09:17 PM



Sachein Movie In Tamil Dubbed Download


A love triangle on a college campus between two young students who try to deny their feelings for each other. The entry of a lecturer who has a soft corner for the boy, changes things around. Enroute overseas, Sachein reflects on his college life, his friends, as well as fellow-collegian, Shalinii, who he had instantly fallen in love with. She, too, is attracted to him, but is practical-minded and believes that true romance can only take place after a couple have known each other for some time. Both continue meeting but she is offended when she finds out that graffiti has linked their names together. She suspects his hand behind this, but he denies it, and she asks him to prove his love within 30 days. He sets about to woo her not realizing that their lives will undergo many changes after the entry of Gowtham/Singhania, and Manju - who is determined to make Sachein fall for her - while her parents have already made arrangements for her marriage with a male settled in Canada. Sachin is an unconventional guy who wants to look at life in an unconventional way. He has his own convictions about life which many cannot understand first but at the end of the day, he starts influencing people. So, the film is basically about the character. After watching the film, any youngster might feel that he should also look at life the same way. He is very honest and trustworthy.She also kind a childish and she acted in a simple practical life,the way she smile,very fast get hot and ego,she really have beautiful smile and cute baby face.Here, once again, I have to talk about Sachin's character. He lives life for that particular moment; he is not bothered about yesterday or tomorrow. The entire team of Sachin had the same kind of feeling. I would say the character influenced all of us.iam one of them.This film touch your heart. I like the movie because i love Genelia D'Souza so much. She's such a great actress. I'm so impressed by her acting. What a wonderful and pretty smile she has! I love her smile so much. She's very pretty and gorgeous. What a talented lady! I hope to see more of her.

Vijay is also a great actor. He is so talented almost in all the movies. He's suitable in many roles..sad, anger and love. What a gifted actor.

I really enjoyed the movie very much. These movie is so different from others..the love, story, actress and etc.

Bye and have a nice day Genelia D'Souza. 7cb1d79195


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